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Hello Kitty and her Friends

Here are your links.

As you all may or may not know I LOVE Anime and I'm honored to have gotten an e-mail asking to do a link exchange and of course! I said alright! So here's ANIME INTERNATIONAL!!!! yay! and if you look on the links under hello kitty I think im like on the 1st page with the one that says"Hello Kitty 553"!!ENJOY

§NEW§ OK this is a board that my friends and i post on, if you join PM me at SpottedGiraffe thats my name on there!! go join! its loads of fun!

§NEW§ This is like E-bay but BETTER!! haha this is my fathers web site,and i'll be putting some HK stuff on for purchasing soon! so keep watching!

§NEW§ ok this is an awesome new band comin out soon! its called Roper after the lead singer from Five Iron Frenzy! Reese Roper! go get some free stickers! i just got mine earlier today

§NEW§ ok this is yet again, a band site go listen to music thats comin out soon on CD and im totally phsyched about it!! *cant wait*

The owner of this site e-mailed me and asked if I added this link, they'd add mine on their! here it is!!! its a great site it has E-cards for friendship and stuff...its a wonderful site!! ENJOY!

Ok heres the link I promised you to the calenders!ENJOY!

THIS IS MY FAVORITE WEB SITE!!!! Its great! go here! (homestar runner)ENJOY

ADULT SWIM! on Cartoon Network...if ANYONE watches it...all of my favorite Anime shows appear on this network! ^_^ and on the boards, my name is animefrak553 i ment to put animefreak553 but i forgot the 'e' :-D ENJOY

This is a great search engine for all of u animation lovers out there!ENJOY

This is my best friends web site!! We have been friends for 8 yrs.! its school related though...but anyways ENJOY

Game mania!! ENJOY

Sanrio-Town!! ENJOY

FREE virtual pets!! ENJOY

My Church's Web Site (Florida) ENJOY