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Kill The Manatees Paintball Team!!!
Email me (creator of site)! yay, its the best thing ever.

Well, it has FINALLY happened... thats right, we're goin global. yeah, i thought youd like that... we're the best paintball team ever to roam Royal Palm Beach(thats in florida ;-) )! our team consists of...
Team Captain-Wesley (malfoy)
Other guy- Bryce (bum knee)
Me!-Kelsey ( too cool for a nick name)
Person- Matt(humming-bird)
Player #5- Kyle(no nick name...:( )
we had another player...but we kicked him off :-o he doesnt know yet, so SHHHH

So, people in Australia (that would be awesome if you are ACTUALLY in Australia...i doubt you are...but we'll say that you are..), How are you? good...good....yeah we're great too! BECAUSE WE WON 2ND PLACE IN A TOURNAMENT! oh yeah, no we know- we rock. thank you though... OH! you can enjoy this ShNaZzY little picture over there ------>

What's New?

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11/1/01 - Added new photos to Vacation Album page.


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yeah...we rock..and we're single ;-)